Story so far…

Teardown was formed in the beginning of the year 2001 by Sami Ahmaoja. Original line up for the band beside him was guitarist Ari Keltamäki, drummer Rami Repola, bass player Mika Laine, keyboardist Pipsa Niemi and singer Markku Hartikainen. In following years Teardown concentrated on finding own unique concept. Katja Pieksämäki joined the band in year 2003 and soon after that demo “Drowned in your tears” was released. Second demo “Cold rooms” (released in 2006) was made also as home-recording. Feedback for both demos was positive and encouraging and Teardown concept, depressive and melodic metal, was assured.

Beside gigging, new material was made all the time and in the summer 2008 Teardown entered Watercastle studio in Jyväskylä for recording sessions. Soon ”Cyanotic”- promo was born and it got mainly really good feedback, for example the title of Demo of the month and top 5 demos of year 2009 in Imperiumi- metalmedia. Teardown was also selected the best unsigned band for the second time in Noise- musicmedia.

In the summer 2009 guitarist Keltsu decided to leave Teardown and Jari Kinnunen took his place. The years 2009 and 2010 the band concentrated on gigging around Finland and also in foreign countries. In January 2010 Teardown headed for Finnish Female Fronted Rock/Metal European Tour with Manzana and For Selena and Sin and in August Teardown travelled to Estonia to play few gigs with Soulfallen. Teardown released EP “Signs of (In)humanity” in February 2011

Band started to record first full lenght album called ”Inner Distortions” in Watercastle studios. The album was released in March 2013 and it ranked to Finnish album chart in number 35. The album was published by Grave New Music and distibuted by Inverse Records. Aapeli Kivimäki (Soulfallen) acted as producer in the album and later joined the band as temporary guitarist after Jari Kinnunen leaved the band for personal reasons. In september 2013 the band found it´s permanent guitarist Sauli Jauhiainen, who is also known from band Catamenia.

After album release, Teardown was gigging around Finland and also in Baltics with Estonian band Emphahis. In 2014, Teardown is composing new material for second full lenght album.

- Updated 13.9.2014 -

Few Highlights

  • Inner Distortions made it #12 on Rumba’s album chart and #35 on the official Finnish album chart.
  • Signs of (In)humanity was chosen as ”demo of the month” in Soundi- magazine (#12/2011)
  • Signs of (In)humanity was released in 2011
  • Mini tour in Estonia in summer 2010 with Soulfallen
  • European tour 2010 contained six countrys: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic and Germany
  • Teardown – Cyanotic got full points in
  • Teardown – Cyanotic is demo of the month in
  • Teardown – Cyanotic was chosen one of the year 2009 demo in website!